It’s been some time since I posted…sorry, but I’ve been away! That’s right, 4 years after moving to sunny Oz, the family and I took a fabulous 4 week trip home to the UK. Now it goes without saying that family and friends are at the top of my ‘What I miss about the UK’ list, but I DO miss the shopping too – and boy did I shop!!! Let’s just say we brought back double the amount of cases we left with.

Clothes…shoes…make-up…handbags(more than 1 or 2!)…jewellery…

I think it’s only fair I share a few of my purchases…

I bought a new mascara called ‘They’re Real’, from Benefit and it is AMAZING. It makes you look like you are wearing ‘falsies’. It’s not waterproof which is what I generally go for as I tend to struggle with my mascara smudging under my eyes when it’s hot. I have worn it on a couple of nights out and it’s stayed put( so far so good).


Here a some pictures of a few of my other purchases (most available online)

haremzebra shoebagboots

coke topleaf earingsnl top

Harem pants: Marks and Spencer – up to size XL

Zebra print shoes: Viva La Diva – various width fittings

Spotty bag: Debenhams

Patent riding boots: Simply Be – various widths and calf fittings

Neon sweatshirt: ASDA

Gold leaf earrings: Accessorize

Top: New Look (Inspire)

Now that I’ve shared some of my recent finds, what have you bought recently that you love???