It feels like just the other day that I started doing the AUSSIE CURVES CHALLENGES. Being part of the community and  taking part in as many challenges as possible has been really positive for me. Not only have I got to paly with clothes (which I love) but the incredible AUSSIE CURVES community, which I see as a SISTERHOOD has contributed to me feeling more body positive than I have in forever! Thank you ladies.

I posted my first post on 8 November 2013 and haven’t looked back. During this time I’ve attended a fabulous AUSSIE CURVES catch up in Melbourne, meeting a wonderful group of women and I also attended my first official fashion show, The Curvy Couture Roadshow.

Without further a do…here are my favourite outfits from my posts to date.

Phillip Island 2011

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uk3  uk2

boho2  boho7  boho5






This weeks Aussie Curves challenge is: SECOND HAND.

I’ve been really busy this week, so have cheated a bit…and looked through some recent photo’s to find some where I am wearing something SECOND HAND. So these photo’s weren’t taken specifically for the challenge, but in my book they count 😉

One of my favourite places to pick up SECOND HAND clothing is EBAY. Yup, I have a little bit of an addiction!!! Not only have I been able to find some gems, but I can spend ages trawling through makes/ types of clothing and then adding them to my watch list (it’s not unheard of for me to have 80+ items in my watch list). Now of course I don’t even bid on all items on my watch list, but it seems to do the trick and meet my need/ love of shopping without spending too much- especially when things are a bit tight.

Without further a do, here’s my SECOND HAND outfit…which I love and feel FABULOUS in! I love the oriental print and the wide sleeves. These pictures were taken in January this year while I was in the UK.

uk3                                   uk2


The tunic/dress is from EVANS(a purchase off EBAY, UK) and my boots are from CITY CHIC.





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