CITY CHIC is one of my favourite shops….great fashion for FABULOUS, CURVY girls (and I use the term girls to include women…ladies…babes- what ever you call yourself). In the previous few months CC has had some AMAZING tunics/ dresses in. You’ve got to know which ones I’m referring to…yes?. They have a zip down the front, have come in solid colours and also in prints, with an amazing neckline and puffy pocket like bits. So I need to pose a question… How many is too many for a girl to have??? I have four. A black one, a pink one, a leopard print one and a neon multi coloured one. I have actually had to stop myself from getting any more. They are SUPER COMFY and VERY FLATTERING.

Over the last couple of weekends I’ve had a couple of ‘events and worn one to each.

At the beginning of July,my hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! We went for dinner in Lygon Street and spent the night in Melbourne. We had a wonderful time and I felt SUPER SEXY in my black tunic/dress, worn with long black boots and accessorized with a fab hot pink and orange necklace from TS clothing and a hot pink clutch from Target.

   wpid-img_20140715_203557.jpg   wpid-photogrid_1404654292199.jpg

Last weekend I went to a friend’s BACHELORETTE do at ‘La Di Da’ in Melbourne. It was excellent and I would recommend their bachelorette/ hen packages. I wore my leopard print tunic/ dress, again with my long black boots and a mixture of silver and gold accessories. I felt great and got some lovely comments.


 Actually, I have a morning tea this Saturday and may just wear my pink tunic/ dress…watch this space!

What are you’re favourite items of clothing at the moment and why?








DENIM has been a staple in my wardrobe for years now, including: jeans, denim skirt(s) and denim jacket(s). It’s one of those things that is so versatile, can be dressed up or down and is sooooo easy to wear. The outfit I’ve chosen primarily for this post (and I say primarily, as I am going to post a couple of other pics of me in denim too) is based around my denim jacket which I LOVE… The jacket is from Wallis and has a slight stretch in it. The stretch makes it so comfy to wear and also ‘fits’ my curves.

wpid-photogrid_1403164332471.jpg     wpid-photogrid_1403164201476.jpg

wpid-photogrid_1403164290377.jpg     wpid-photogrid_1403164359336.jpg

Jacket : Wallis

Top : Best & Less

Skirt : Big W

Boots : Simply Be

Bag : Marks & Spencers

wpid-photogrid_1403164774272.jpg      wpid-photogrid_1403164503874.jpg

In the pictures above I am wearing my favourite black jeans from City Chic… they are amazing!!! I love that they fit my waist and my thighs-something I usually have problems with. Not to mention they haven’t faded one bit… I’ve worn them on nights out….to brunch (picture on the left) and doing the soccer mom thing (picture on the right).

I’m so pleased that there’s so much denim out there to fit all shapes, sizes and budgets. I remember a time, not so long ago, when that was not the case.





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