Hello you!

I’ve not spent much time on my blog lately…so thought it’s about time I pulled up my big girl pants and made an effort. It’s not that I’ve lost interest, but sometimes life just gets a bit busy and if I’m honest, I’ve really struggled with the last few Aussie Curve challenges! PATTERN CLASH…BODY CON…AND NOW HIPSTER!!!

I am determined to have a go this week –  however out of my comfort zone HIPSTER is. Actually, I had to check in with some of the other Aussie Curves girls about what HIPSTER looks like…(thanks for all your help by the way!) and did a bit of ‘googling’ This morning I had a look in my wardrobe and it’s fair to say, flung myself on my bed in despair after a short while – I can be a bit dramatic. One of the fab  things about the Aussie Curves challenges is that they are open to individual interpretation, so my pics are going to be that!

Before we get to my pics, I thought it may be a good idea to show some of the ideas that I came across during my investigations  – I’m sure there are those of you who like me have no idea about HIPSTER fashion.

Below are some images I found which appealed to me, while surfing the net, trying to educate myself on all things HIPSTER…(if I’ve used an image of YOU please let me know so I can acknowledge it)


Here are a few outfit boards I put together in relation to my interpretation of HIPSTER…

wpid-photogrid_1398222241993.jpg     wpid-photogrid_1398221732393.jpg


When I got to work today one of my colleagues was wearing what I’d say is HIPSTER, so I asked if she’s mind posing for a pic…tadaaaaa here it is… (thanks)


…and FINALLY, here are my pics for the Aussie Curves: Hipster challenge, adapted for work (they were taken in a rush so are not as great as I’d hoped).












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It’s been some time since I posted…sorry, but I’ve been away! That’s right, 4 years after moving to sunny Oz, the family and I took a fabulous 4 week trip home to the UK. Now it goes without saying that family and friends are at the top of my ‘What I miss about the UK’ list, but I DO miss the shopping too – and boy did I shop!!! Let’s just say we brought back double the amount of cases we left with.

Clothes…shoes…make-up…handbags(more than 1 or 2!)…jewellery…

I think it’s only fair I share a few of my purchases…

I bought a new mascara called ‘They’re Real’, from Benefit and it is AMAZING. It makes you look like you are wearing ‘falsies’. It’s not waterproof which is what I generally go for as I tend to struggle with my mascara smudging under my eyes when it’s hot. I have worn it on a couple of nights out and it’s stayed put( so far so good).


Here a some pictures of a few of my other purchases (most available online)

haremzebra shoebagboots

coke topleaf earingsnl top

Harem pants: Marks and Spencer – up to size XL

Zebra print shoes: Viva La Diva – various width fittings

Spotty bag: Debenhams

Patent riding boots: Simply Be – various widths and calf fittings

Neon sweatshirt: ASDA

Gold leaf earrings: Accessorize

Top: New Look (Inspire)

Now that I’ve shared some of my recent finds, what have you bought recently that you love???