CITY CHIC is one of my favourite shops….great fashion for FABULOUS, CURVY girls (and I use the term girls to include women…ladies…babes- what ever you call yourself). In the previous few months CC has had some AMAZING tunics/ dresses in. You’ve got to know which ones I’m referring to…yes?. They have a zip down the front, have come in solid colours and also in prints, with an amazing neckline and puffy pocket like bits. So I need to pose a question… How many is too many for a girl to have??? I have four. A black one, a pink one, a leopard print one and a neon multi coloured one. I have actually had to stop myself from getting any more. They are SUPER COMFY and VERY FLATTERING.

Over the last couple of weekends I’ve had a couple of ‘events and worn one to each.

At the beginning of July,my hubby and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary! We went for dinner in Lygon Street and spent the night in Melbourne. We had a wonderful time and I felt SUPER SEXY in my black tunic/dress, worn with long black boots and accessorized with a fab hot pink and orange necklace from TS clothing and a hot pink clutch from Target.

   wpid-img_20140715_203557.jpg   wpid-photogrid_1404654292199.jpg

Last weekend I went to a friend’s BACHELORETTE do at ‘La Di Da’ in Melbourne. It was excellent and I would recommend their bachelorette/ hen packages. I wore my leopard print tunic/ dress, again with my long black boots and a mixture of silver and gold accessories. I felt great and got some lovely comments.


 Actually, I have a morning tea this Saturday and may just wear my pink tunic/ dress…watch this space!

What are you’re favourite items of clothing at the moment and why?






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