Last weekend, my hubby and I celebrated our wedding anniversary…17 years! Not too shabby. We stayed over in Melbourne Saturday night and had a FAB meal on Lygon Street. It was our first visit to Lygon street since we moved here from the UK nearly 5 years ago and we’ll definitely be going back!

( Look out for my post on what I wore out for dinner on the Saturday night!)

This weeks Aussie Curves challenge, BLUE, is all about what I wore to breakfast on the Sunday morning. Now if someone asked me about my favourite colours I would never think to mention blue…but actually bright blues suit me and I have quite a few bright blue pieces of clothing. I love mixing the blue with black.

wpid-http__dl.dropboxusercontent.com_1_view_icw6efsm0s3vn0g_camera%20uploads%20from%20chris_2014-07-06%2014.09.29.jpg   wpid-http__dl.dropboxusercontent.com_1_view_fcr99wbgpfcvb47_camera%20uploads%20from%20chris_2014-07-06%2014.09.33.jpg

wpid-http__dl.dropboxusercontent.com_1_view_4knep3m7i85puak_camera%20uploads%20from%20chris_2014-07-06%2014.10.10.jpg   wpid-http__dl.dropboxusercontent.com_1_view_14j4xe76hh7pop8_camera%20uploads%20from%20chris_2014-07-06%2014.09.42.jpg

The tunic/dress is from Target and the long line cardie is from Autograph. The boots are from Simply Be.





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