2014: A new year…a new you?



As 2013 starts to draw to a close and the unknowns of 2014 are just a round the corner, I find myself thinking about New Years Resolutions.

Do you make them? Do you keep them?

Well, all too often my New Years Resolutions have focused on losing weight and getting fitter. Familiar? It’s always about ‘fixing’ myself…and has yet to be ‘achieved’! This has got me thinking: WHY SET MYSELF UP TO FAIL…AGAIN! I’m actually ok with me…am I doing it to ‘fit’ into society better? I’ve decided : NO MORE! Yes, I will work towards a healthier lifestyle-being healthy is important-but instead of new resolutions I’m going to do a .2014 ‘Bucket List’…with 3 achievable goals.

So, here’s my list:

1) I will be PRESENT in my life…stop and smell the flowers…

2) I will go away on a ‘Girls Weekend’…cocktails and sun.

3) I will go camping with my wonderful family and enjoy it 😉


What’s on your ‘bucket list’???


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