Phillip Island 2011 Tankini from ‘Best & Less’ 2011

Well, it’s that time of the year again, when we start to think about swimwear. I have to say, for me, the prospect of shopping for and then actually wearing(in public…) swimwear has in the past made me feel a little sick. To be fair it’s still not one of the fashion area’s I’m totally in love with, BUT at 42 (my birthday was last week and I thought I was 43!!!! BONUS) I have decided to face my fears and actually do an AUSSIE CURVES: Swimwear post. The problem is the weather here has been horrendous (Gippsland, Vic). So even though I have not put on a ‘cozzie’ specifically for this challenge, I have decided to use one from 2011- I hope that’s Ok?!?

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10 thoughts on “AUSSIE CURVES: Swimwear

    • Thank you! They were quite a lucky find….I’ve been back this season looking for some more ‘a-line’ tankini tops, but haven’t seen any 😦 Have you tried looking on ? I had a look recently and they had some FAB buys-not too pricey either (always a bonus!) x

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